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For more than half a century, W.E.C. Engineers has engineered and managed, and built some of the most complex projects of the modern era.  Fundamental to everything we do is an unrelenting focus on delivering the highest levels of quality, safety, sustainability, performance, and value to our clients.  

1936: Gerald T. Vitale, Sr. serves under General Patton in the Third Army designing temporary structures to replace bombed bridges, rehabilitating roadways and constructing emergency landing fields in Europe.

1940: Upon returning home from the war, Mr. Vitale becomes the chief engineer for the City of Monessen, Pennsylvania. 

1948: Gerald co-founds Sciullo & Vitale - Engineers and Surveyors, where he serves as chief engineer and construction superintendent.

1954: Sciullo & Vitale - Engineers and Surveyors becomes Westmoreland Engineering.

1957: Westmoreland Engineering is incorporated.

1969: Under Gerald T Vitale’s leadership, Westmoreland Engineering, Inc. becomes a division of U.S. Industries.

1976: Gerald and his son Anthony purchase the company from U.S. Industries.

1992: Westmoreland Engineering, Inc. has a name change and becomes W.E.C. Engineers, Inc. (WEC).

2012: Anthony G. Vitale becomes President and CEO of the company and continues the legacy of previous generations.  By utilizing quality controls and state of the art technology, we anxiously look forward to the future.  

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