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W.E.C. has historically provided construction management and inspection services for the projects it has designed as well as projects designed by others. For over 60 years, our construction management philosophy has been supported by constant communication with the client and a focus on the efficient completion of projects.  Close management of cost, time, quality and claims is the hallmark of W.E.C.’s project management methodology.  The differences of each project determines how systems are applied and personnel are selected for the job.


W.E.C. provides computerized construction documentation and experienced inspectors to monitor construction for compliance with design plans and specifications.  Our staff maintains a variety of relationships with the owner, often totally integrating with the client’s staff. Other times the owner wants distance from the project.


Whatever the preference, as a consultant, W.E.C. supplies the expertise and man-power that meet the client’s needs without adding permanent employment obligations. W.E.C. works to develop and implement the most practical and cost efficient arrangement for each project.

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