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I-79/S.R. 910 Interchange


W.E.C. Engineers, Inc. provided engineering services for plans from the preliminary stage to the final design drawings for the widening of S.R. 910. 


Work included:

  • Adding lanes to interstate ramps to increase capacity

  • Widening and reconstruction of S.R. 910

  • Addition of left turn lanes on S.R. 910

  • Installing and interconnecting signals at four intersections along S.R. 910


This project’s objective was to alleviate traffic congestion and to provide for future growth through the corridor. The project also included widening the northbound ramps to two lanes for approximately 1800 linear feet.

W.E.C. provided all plans and specifications for the project including:

  • Construction Plans

  • Cross Sections

  • Traffic Control Plans

  • Traffic Signal Plans

  • Erosion & Sedimentation Pollution Control Plans

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