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Water & Wastewater Systems


W.E.C. Engineers, Inc. routinely analyzes water system networks. This is done by utilizing computer simulations to test the theoretical operation of distraction systems. It also ensures the ability to meet present and future domestic and fire flows. These analyses have also been used to identify areas of potential leaks or hazards to public safety.


W.E.C.  prepares annual and capital budgets for municipal utility systems. In the budgets the items that are addressed consist of the funding necessary to support the maintenance and the capital improvements that will preserve the taxpayers’ investments in their water and wastewater utility systems.


W.E.C. continues to find innovative and successful solutions to technical and financial infrastructure issues that confront municipalities and municipal authorities.

Services for recent sewage projects included:

  • Regional sewage plan development

  • Designs of collector and interceptor sewers

  • Expansion and upgrades of existing sewage treatment plants

  • Design of new sewage treatment plants

  • Design of pump stations and force mains for both domestic and high-strength sewage

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